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A Grasp Through The Veil – Introductory Post

[The following is the introduction to a play-by-post game I am running on Big Pointy Teeth].

Pain. Unbelievable pain.

An answer! No – it is gone.

Dark. Floating.

No, pulling. Toward… what?

Now fear. Panic.



You awaken, or maybe come to, feeling disoriented. You open your eyes. As they adjust to the light of the sun low in the sky, you look around. You’re in an alley, thrown amongst litter, refuse, and a few vermin. You rise, shakily, to your feet. You feel numb, cold.

How did I get here, you think to yourself as you pick your way through the detritus toward the street. And where is here? Your head is spinning slightly as you try to concentrate. No answers come. What is going on? You feel lost, confused.

The street is empty, save for some sleeping vagrant, probably passed out, judging by the empty wineskin in his hand.

Two guards come around the corner. Armored in leather, they hear you stumble into some refuse. Surprised, the turn toward you. One of them draws her short sword. “Halt,” she commands. The other, a male dwarf, puts his hand on her shoulder. “Easy, Renna,” he says, as she lowers her sword. Then, to you, “You shouldn’t be in this area so early in the day, traveller. Come forward slowly with your hands out, so that we know you ain’t a threat. I’m Jartam, of the Manifest Watch. Now, who are you?”

You pause for a moment, not sure what to say. Who am i? You… don’t know. Your reaction alarms Renna slightly. She tilts her sword up. As she does, the sunlight glints off it, and you see through Jartam’s head! You suddenly realize his face is pale, as if all the blood has been drained from his body!

Alarmed, take a step back and you raise your hands. It’s then that you realize – the sunlight passes through your hands, too!

“I’m guessing,” Renna says to you, “that you’ve never been dead before.”

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