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Tweet RPG: Hack ‘N’ Slash Hero: The Character List

The latest RPG I’m playing isn’t a tabletop game with 600+ pages of rules.  Oh, not at all – I’m playing Tweet RPG.

It’s a game played (appropriately enough) on Twitter.  The rules for character creation and game play are explained in a few paragraphs.  The players vote on the course of action the hero will take at a given point in the story.  The choice with the most votes is the action the hero takes.  There are a few other kinds of votes as well, but they really are very simple.

I’ve followed @tw33t_rpg for a few months now, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to join in on a game.  I’m also honored to be the creator of the first character to play in this game: Douglas McMichaels, law enforcement officer of America’s Wild West.  The gameplay started just this morning, and you can join in any time.

Take a look at the link below to see the 83 characters people created, and have a look around the site for the rules of the game.  And, please, if you are interested, join us!

Tweet RPG: Hack ‘N’ Slash Hero: The Character List.


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